the finer aspects of dc

>> Friday, March 19, 2010

this post is dedicated to all of those people who haven't made dc their home sweet home. slowly, i have been collecting photos from around the area, proving what a fun place the nation's capitol can be to live.

so we don't have the option of seeing celebrities on the streets, but we do have celebrity impersonators willing to sell you something off their truck.

we have regular street (or should i say boat?) performers. this guy highly entertained me with his shirt tag hanging from the armpit.

we have cougars. and lots of them. the dating pool is strong.

the nation's capitol is run by some of the smartest individuals. just look at their fine work. notice anything?

in today's economy, we have some of the best sales around.

my fellow dc-ers,  i encourage you to go out this weekend and see what fun things you can find and report back. maybe, just maybe, we can convince everyone to move here. {ahem. sis...please come back}

happy weekend, friends.


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