fan mail: recipe success

>> Friday, March 19, 2010

this was me the other day when i was pleasantly surprised to get a sweet email from our reader, amy.

i'm making your chicken cacciatore tonight. your instructions seem perfect for a non-cooking sis like myself. can't wait to report how it goes.

we love to hear feedback on anything we share on our little project here. no joke - it makes us want to quit our day jobs and make blogging our full-time careers. (we're currently accepting financial backing. peg? BE? are you there?)

amy reported back the next day with this photo and message:

i did it! i did it! with your blog as my sous chef, i made delicious chicken cacciatore!! sis -  you and your recipes are the bomb diggity!

so glad it was a hit, amy.  keep the success stories coming.
and of course, i always welcome more feedback/suggestions/comments/gripes (i suppose) at

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