about kelly

my name is kelly and i live in arlington, va. i’m most known for embodying the name “messy chef,” loving dresses, and being mildly obsessed with the color pink. i love to make people laugh and i am always trying to crack a good joke – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

nothing makes me happier than when i'm cooking so i decided to create a blog to share my recipes and culinary adventures with you. everyone always asks me what my cooking style is and the first words that come to my mind are always simple yet delicious.

i love using fresh ingredients and am always looking for a unique way to update a classic dish. i try to make food that will not only wow you but also the people you’re cooking for. with a little thought and creativity thrown in, you’ll be surprised that even the most basic recipes can be turned into impressive meals.

in a nutshell, that's me. thanks for visiting and i hope you enjoy the blog!


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