a trader joes trip.

>> Tuesday, August 23, 2011

grocery shopping in nyc is crazy expensive. i talking double the price than in dc. thank god they have a trader joe's here. it's cheap, carries great varieties of produce and the people are pretty darn friendly. oh and they always have free samples.

i frequent trader joes quite often. it's my new saturday routine. get up, make some coffee, walk 1 mile to the store and hope to find a cab back so i don't have to carry the grocery bags + bottles of wine i've snagged up.

anywho - here's a few pictures i snapped of what i bought this week. i'll be posting a recipe using only ingredients from my shopping trip in the next few days.

produce section (my favorite aisle)
1. baby bok choy
2. broccoli slaw
3. white peaches - get yourself some before summer is over
4. baby carrots - perfect for snacking
5. cut up pineapple - time saver
6. snow peas - great for hummus
7. bananas - made a dessert with these
8. 1 ear of corn - i'm single
9. red bell pepper - great for stir-frys
10. lime & lemon - get some everytime i go shopping
11. butter lettuce - aaaaamazing
12. broccoli - quick weeknight side dish
13. baby potatoes - just rinse & roast - no need to dice up
freezer section
1. chimichurri salmon - goes from freezer to oven to table
2. steelcut oatmeal - quick way to start the morning on a healthy start
3. best brown rice. ever.
4. raspberry, lemon and strawberry fruit pops. yums.
refrigerator section
1. low-fat parmesan ranch dressing. close second to hidden valley ranch
2. egg whites - part of my sunday routine
3. low-fat brie - who knew??
4. one beer - again i'm single
5. pulled bbq chicken - ready in under 5 minutes
6. best turkey bacon i've ever had
7. cheddddddaaaa cheese
pantry staples
1. sparkling waters - lemon and raspberry lime
2. whole grain tortillas
3. general tso stir fry sauce - great for all those veggies i bought
4. whole wheat couscous - a must
5. whole wheat bread - surprisingly really soft and yummy
6. raspberry jam - obvi to go with the brie
7. dark chocolate covered peanut butter wafer cookies - impulse buy
8. individual fruit & nut snack mix - curbs the 4pm hunger calling
9. peanut butter - paired this with the banana for a dessert


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