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>> Friday, July 1, 2011

exciting news.

after two years of debating, internal struggle, major setbacks, sleepless nights and being scared sh*tless i've finally decided to do what i always knew i should.

i'm sending myself to culinary school in nyc.

today is moving day and i'm headed up to nyc to become an official city gal.

i'll be a nanny by day and a culinary student by night.

stay patient with me. posts on pb&kelly might be a little sparse at first as i'm adjusting to my new home/job. i'll be traveling a lot with the family this summer (we're going to sun valley, idaho today for 10 days) but hopefully i can find some blogging time.  i also just bought a new slr camera that i can't wait to try out.

anywho, that's my news.  thanks to everyone for the unwavering support you've given me throughout this long decision process (you know who you are). i couldn't have done it without you.

sorry for being so sappy. i'm hungover and feeling emo :)


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