bridal buffet bonanza

>> Tuesday, March 22, 2011

last sunday i hosted a bridal shower for my friend kim who is getting married in the bahamas in just a few short weeks. i love entertaining and jumped at the chance to host this party. i was in charge of the food buffet and my friend michelle was in charge of the desserts buffet (jump over to her blog to see what an amazing job she did with this). i was going for a simple and elegant theme..nothing over the top, but nothing boring. here is the menu we came up with.  the **starred** recipes are the ones i made. the rest were brought by the other gals.

side view 1
side view 2
chicken salad sliders
brie mushroom tartlets

sausage wonton stars...made with ranch!

antipasto platter
spanakopita bites

egg rolls & deviled eggs
got these cute straws from etsy and made the tags

honey mustard turkey bites
high school friends with the bride :)


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