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>> Friday, February 11, 2011

there seems to be some mixed emotions about the holiday of loooooove. on one extreme, there are those that go out of their way to do all the cuddly wuddly traditional v-day stuff and then there are those that would rather get drunk and break hearts. i fall somewhere in the middle and believe that no matter what your facebook relationship status says, you should do something. and to me, something means cooking. today's foodie friday is devoted to delicious treats that we should all bake up for the loved ones in our lives.

nothing says "i wuv you" like chocolate syrup in your teeth.
molten chocolate cakes via confections of a foodie bride

this is my favorite. so simple. so cute. so sweet.
white and dark hearted brownies via smitten kitchen


hot cocoa + strawberry milkshake = pretty genius idea


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