>> Tuesday, January 4, 2011

last year sis and i cataloged our resolutions for 2010 on our old blog. let's see how i did and then go over 2011's resolutions.

last year:
  1. take cooking classes - done and i volunteer at them now too.
  2. get over my fear of flying or find a doc that will give me xanax - haven't gotten over the fear, but have gotten the meds.
  3. convince dad to take us to ireland to find our fellow fagans - still working on this one. dad are you reading?
  4. plan a girls trip to vegas - we're doing sundance film festival instead. not a bad swap.
  5. talk to strangers more. you never know who you just might meet - does getting other people to do it for you count?
  6. get abs like britney circa 2002 - i never really counted on this one coming true, so it's not too much of a let down.
  7. keep a journal of 2010’s events and memories - well, i blog.
  8. take advantage of my backyard - try new dc restaurants, visit museums, tour the white house, attend more concerts - my bank account lets me know that i tried tons of new places, i visited the newseum, went to a couple of concerts, but didn't tour the white house just yet.
  9. cater at least 5 events - i made it to 3: catered part of cookout for a cause with suz, catered birthday lunch for rae's dad (50 people) and catered christmas party for kate kreager's mom (60 people)
  10. curb my spending habits on dresses. i’m eventually gonna run out of monies - didn't happen one bit. this summer was filled with urban outfitters dresses.
  11. run a 10k and try not to die - have one planned for march 2011 in richmond.
  12. live in the moment - laugh harder, smile longer, forgive faster, go confidently more- this year has been filled with some of the most trying moments (everyone told me 25 would be hard), but mostly some of the best. i have never laughed harder, smiled bigger, or loved more. i have an amazing bunch of family and friends and wouldn't be anywhere without them. still working on forgiving's a work in progress. :)

now for 2011's resolutions:
  1. get serious about catering and turn it from a hobby into a part-time job
  2. create a company name for my catering business and set up a new blog...i'm taking suggestions
  3. every weekend start blogging about recipes i found online that week but didn't get a chance to make
  4. have faith
  5. plan a trip to see my freshman college roomate in hawaii (love you nowa)
  6. finally redecorate my bedroom so it has a theme
  7. plant a garden in the spring, even if it's just an herb one
  8. take photography lessons and buy a food styling book
  9. do something new each week, even if it's something small
  10. live life - it's that simple
so there you have it. can't wait to look back this time next year and see how i've done.  what are your resolutions?

here's to wishing you the best in 2011.


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