roasted tomato soup with garlic olive croutons

>> Monday, October 4, 2010

"what did the mom tomato say to the baby tomato?"
"ketchup, little guy, ketchup."
this is a guest blog post from meagan kessler.

today marks the sixth consecutive day of school without even one minute of recess. i'm definitely over the rain and the only immediate cure was homemade tomato soup...oh yea, and a joke. campbells would have been easier, but this was definitely more delicious. try it tyler florence's way. just do me a favor, and USE the type of blender he suggests - once i figure out what it is, i'll probably invest in one for the next rainy day :) 

i topped it off with toasted garlic rosemary olive bread. i just cubed a loaf from harris teeter, sprinkled with olive oil and garlic powder, and popped them in the oven on 400 for about 10 minutes. it was the perfect addition. oh yea, then i ate the rest of them during gossip girl. good enough to eat all on their own.

p.s. my fortune cookie yesterday said "all things end." here's hoping it was referring to the rain :)

...i'm here for a good time, not a long time.


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