in her words: sparkman's sundried tomato pesto panini

>> Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i asked sparkman to send me the recipe to her paninis she made the other night. her response was too cute to edit down, so here she is in her own words.

ciabatta bread
sundried tomato pesto
grilled chicken (evoo with s&p)
sundried tomatoes
monetary jack cheese
mozzarella cheese
more love.

grill the chicken. spread the sundried tomato pesto on bread. layer the cheeses, grilled chicken and sundried tomatoes. put the sang on the outdoor grill - we used the heavy grill pan to place on top - make some good grill marks and bon appétit!

my input:
these little suckers were scrumptious. it was a nice light meal (we each only ate half of a sandwich) and served it with mixed greens. you will probably need to grill the sandwiches about 4 minutes per side. she used a cast iron skillet to act like a panini press on the grill, like i did in an earlier recipe. if you don't have time to cook the chicken before hand, a store-bought rotisserie could be used instead. enjoy!


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